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Tech News - CES 2024 was packed with technological developments

CES 2024 in Las Vegas is over, but the excitement about the latest technological gadgets remains. Artificial intelligence features prominently in everyday objects.

A smart fridge with an AI camera not only keeps track of groceries but also suggests recipes. Cars are getting smarter with ChatGPT integration for improved interaction with 'smart assistants' from Volkswagen and Mercedes.

The Rabbit R1, a charming device that acts as an AI assistant, lets users install custom apps, from Spotify to Uber. Smart rings are surpassing wearables as controllers for home appliances.

The Qi2 standard promises wireless charging with powerful magnetic integration for non-Apple users. Televisions become window-like for a new viewing experience. 

CES 2024 not only brought high-tech to kitchens and cars, but also outdoors, with smart barbecues and robotic hoovers that can also mop. Other unveilings included luminous tiles (Skylight), smart locks, a Segway e-bike and electric skis.

Amidst excitement and innovation, plenty of cool gadgets are now available or will soon be on the market. The future seems to be filled with technological wonders that enrich our daily lives

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Tech News - Wireless charging with QI2

Wireless charging has undergone a huge transformation over the past decade and is now an indispensable part of many modern electronic devices. It started out as a useful but relatively rare technology, used mainly in niche products


Tech News - What should you pay attention to with a power bank?

When making the right choice for a power bank for private or business use, there are several important factors to consider. As modern “professionals” we increasingly rely on our electronic devices, whether smartphones, tablets or laptops.