Digital print

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Digital print

In digital print, digital files are placed directly on a flat surface. The four basic full-colour CMYK colours are mixed, allowing the printer to realise any print. From full-colour designs to photo-realistic images. This printing technique can be used on various materials such as metal and plastic.

·       Fully automated printing process

·       Sharp, high-resolution print quality

·       Consistent print quality

·       Fast production times

·       Set-up costs per motif, not per printing colour

·       Possible from 1 piece

·       Single name print possible


3D digital print

3D digital print is basically the same as conventional digital print, except that this printing technique is provided with a resin layer that is placed over the print. This gives the print a three-dimensional effect through gloss and relief. 3D digital print is mainly used on rubberised soft touch pens.


360 digital print

This printing technique is also known as full-colour all-round printing. In this advanced printing technique, the high-resolution design or image is applied over the entire surface without interruptions or seam lines. This technique is often used on cylindrical items such as thermos flasks, water bottles, cups and water bottles. 

·       Fully automated printing process

·       Large all-round printing area

·       All printing colours and photo-realistic images possible

·       No use of coatings or resin layer

·       Suitable for small print runs from 1 piece

·       Ideal for all-round and seamless designs

·       Single name printing possible