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Laser engraving

Laser engraving

With laser engraving, the design is engraved into the material. This printing technique uses a computer-controlled laser that engraves the top layer of the article, revealing the layer underneath. This technique is used on glass, ceramic, metal, tritan and wood.

·       Highly detailed engraving quality

·       Computer-controlled technique, very consistent quality

·       Minimum order quantity 1 piece

·       Very fast production times

·       Chic appearance and always scratch-proof

·       Dishwasher-safe on ceramic and glass products

·       Natural look on wooden products (not everything has the same result)

·       Single name print possible


2-tone laser engraving

With 2-tone laser engraving, the second colour is lasered more intensively to achieve a darker colour. This can result in a visually more attractive and dynamic design. This printing technique is mostly used for personalised items.