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Screen print

Silkscreen on bags

The principle of screen printing is through printing. The desired design is created on a stencil that is applied to the screen printing frame. The screen printing frame is a piece of fine mesh made of silk or polyester, which is stretched over a framework. The screen printing frame is coated with a light-sensitive layer that is exposed by a position film. The dark areas present on the positive are washed away during development to create permeable areas on the screen printing frame through which the ink is printed. A screen must always be made for each printing colour.

·       High-quality printing exactly on pantone colours

·       Up to 6 printing colours possible

·       Very suitable for large print runs

·       Fast delivery times for cotton bag printing


Flat silkscreen

Flat screen printing is the same printing technique as textile screen printing but is used for flat items. Virtually any material or product can be screen-printed.


Round screen print

Round screen printing is a variant of screen printing specifically designed for printing round or cylindrical objects. The process of round screen printing differs in some ways from traditional screen printing because of the complexity of printing round items. During the printing process, the item is often rotated to ensure that everything is printed evenly. This technique is mainly used on writing instruments.

·       Large all-round print format on the pen holder

·       Printing in exact pantone colours

·       High quantities with fast delivery time possible